Car Connection 2.0 : Safety

For you. Your family. And other traveling passengers. Car Connection 2.0 brings you smart connected services that make every drive a safer and more confident experience. Essential roadside services mean you're never far from help, and a driver safety package helps protect those you love, especially teens and seniors. No one ever expects to face trouble on the road, but isn't it great to know that you're protected all the same?


Specific Safety Features


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Got a flat? Out of gas? Stuck and need a tow? No worries. One quick call to Emergency Roadside Assistance dispatches immediate help to your location around the clock, seven days a week. It's the ultimate driving companion.


Auto Crash SOS

In the event of a collision, Car Connection 2.0 will automatically notify our Emergency Response Call Center of your accident and location, and our operators will call 9-1-1 services on your behalf.


Emergency Response

Need help for other emergencies when using your vehicle, just call our 24/7 Emergency Response Center from your Smartphone, and we'll be there to assist you. Requires a Smartphone with Blue-Tooth LE paired with device.

Safe Driver Package


Text Blocking

Download the free ZoomSafer app to your smartphone, and texting will be disabled when the vehicle is on. This feature is engineered to work with most popular smartphone models.


Safety Zones

Geo-fencing technology lets you set up to five driver safety zones. Whenever your vehicle leaves these designated zones, you'll receive instant notification on your computer or smartphone. It's a great solution for keeping tabs on teens and senior drivers.


Driver Scores

Ever wonder about your family's driving habits? Do they speed often, brake excessively or handle the car aggressively? Well, now you can know for sure. Assess their habits, score their driving and use this information for teaching safety and prevention, particularly to teens and seniors.

Plus, share your driver score and you can receive quotes from up to 19 major insurance providers!

Safety. Control. Convenience.
Get It All with Car Connection 2.0!