Car Connection 2.0 : Driver Points Program

What is it?

Driver Points Program is a unique awards program that you can enter as a Car Connection 2.0 subscriber. When you enter the program your Driver Score and Vehicle Health Score will be used to give you points during the current calendar month. If your friends in Car Connection have good driver and vehicle health scores then you can also earn additional points for them. Each month the current Driver Points program will be explained by email so you have all the details on how to get the most points. The program is managed by Agnik and is part of your Car Connection 2.0 subscription service. Please make sure your Car Connection 2.0 subscription service has your correct email in order to get details on the current monthly program.

Points program

Program Overview

How much does it cost to join?

It is free to join and you can opt-in at any time, all from your online Car Connection 2.0 subscription account

How do I join?

When you become a Car Connection 2.0 subscriber you will be given access to the program if you agree to check out our Connected Insurance program. You can join by using your online account. All you have to do is check out our Connected Insurance program that can save you hundreds of dollars. Just get a few quotes from leading insurance companies and see if you like any. If you end up deciding not to switch your auto insurance company then we will not bother you and you can still keep your membership for the Driver Points Program and be eligible to win rewards every month from Car Connection.

How do I know if I win?

Each day you can see the number of monthly points you have and you will see how many points the leader has. At the end of the month if you have the highest points, you win. You will be sent an email congratulating your win and telling you when your prize will be shipped. Each month you will start with zero (0) points.

What do I win?

The prize may change each month and you will be sent an email to inform you of the prize for the current month.

Who do I contact for questions about the program?

If you have any question about how the points are calculated please send an email to

For more information about the terms of the Driver Points Program and the Connected Insurance Program please review the end user agreement of the Car Connection 2.0 product.

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